Top 10 Funniest College Majors

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Ever wonder what college majors are available beyond the classics like business, journalism and education majors? We took a peek at some of the funniest and most unique majors out there and compiled a list thanks to Huffington Post and Seventeen. These are for real too!

  1. Puppeteering at University of Connecticut

  2. Packaging at Michigan State University

  3. Bowling Industry Management and Technology at Vincennes University in Indiana

    bowling major

  4. Bakery Science and Management at Kansas State University

  5. Comic Book Art at Minneapolis College of Art and Design

  6. Comedy: Writing and Performance at Humber College

  7. Professional Nanny at Sullivan University

    nanny major

  8. Folklore and Mythology at Harvard University

  9. Canadian Studies at SUNY Plattsburgh

  10. Poultry Science at NC State University

    poultry science major


Thoughts? Are you planning to apply to any of these majors? Would you consider spending your college money on a Professional Nanny degree?


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College major photos from Seventeen


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  1. [...] degree in Heavy Metal joins the fray of odd college degrees, such as packaging, comic book art or poultry science (which, if you think about it, are all [...]

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